Alfatech Technical Design

Case Study: Alfatech Technical Design Sdn. Bhd. - ZW3D All in One CAD/CAM Solution

At Alfatech Technical Design Sdn Bhd established in June 1999 is offering niche solutions for the electronics and PCB industry. They design & manufacture jigs & fixtures for every process, from PCB assembly through board inspection and test operations.

Requirement & challenges:

  • They were using 2D ACAD software to do their design and manual CNC programming to do their fabrication
  • They can only handle 2 axis machining even though their CNC machine can support up to 3 Axis machining. They will out-source their programming to external source to do, hence, affected their quality and productivity

Choosing ZW3D: 

  • All in one CAD/CAM software 
  • Easy to learn and use. They attended 4 days CAD/CAM training and since then, they have used the solution to do their jigs design 
  • It’s very affordable since they are maintaining one system


  • Ever since they have chosen ZW3D as their solution, it has increased their productivity and efficiency 
  • With the 3D view, they are able to convince their customer and sell their design more effectively
  • Besides that, they are able to do more complex design

Testimonial from Alfatech:

"Firstly, we’re a small, local company with limited resources and budget, so our choice has to be cost-effective. Secondly, ZW3D doesn’t skimp on performance; it has all the tools we needed, from modification > design > machining! And finally, ZWSOFT is very supportive of what we planned to do."


Sebastian Choo, Director
Alfatech Technical Design












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