CAD / Template Customization / Knowledge-based Design Automation Services in Malaysia, Singapore in Malaysia & Singapore

A key service of Dream Technology System (DTS) is providing service in CAD workflows, which includes reviving and digitalising old legacy engineering drawings and building new 3D geometry from physical prototype products.

DTS service is able to

  • Improve engineering productivity
  • Identify product and design variants
  • Package and modularise complex parametric product design to reusable templates
  • Improve interaction with design iterations
  • Transform 2D knowledge for digital product development
  • Transform large database into company-wide knowledge for user accessibility

This service relieves the firm from

  • Hiring more workforce
  • Purchasing of additional software licence
  • Time spent to train workforce for CAD operation

Key benefits of digitising these technical drawings:

  • Protect and enhance their product data management and documentation.
  • Build new and improved design data on top of an existing platform
  • Save time and cost from building new data from scratch
  • Increase innovation and drive research and development.
  • Compliance with firm’s design standard
  • Minimise human errors
  • Productivity increase as high as 80%
  • Systemise documentation for succession training

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