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Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) is the utilization of computational power to solve complicated engineering analysis problems. CAE is mainly used to evaluate the validity of an engineering system, however, in some situation, it can be used as an investigation tool to determine the root cause of engineering failure.

With CAE, firms can expect to reduce their number of a physical prototype from 10 to 2 units and shorten the design cycle from an initial 3 months to 1 month.

Product manufacturing firms are able to use CAE to determine their product’s structural integrity and sustainability. By understanding the statistics of product sustainability, the firms have a better prediction of the time to failure and justifying the period of the product warranty. 

With higher accuracy in prediction on their product failure, firms are able to arrange a better product maintenance period and reduce product or process downtime. This, in turn, improves product fatigue life, and reduce the maintenance frequency by up to 50%. 

CAE tools can also be used for investigating engineering failures and proposed counter-measures, such as performing a forensic investigation on civil construction accidents, re-routing faulty piping design in the steam boiler structure, and also finding the maximum loading condition on the delicate surgical instrument in the medical industry. 

Available CAE services as below:

  • Linear Static and Dynamic
  • Non-linear Static and Dynamic, 
  • Fatigue, 
  • Motion Simulation, 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic, 
  • Thermal Static and Transient, 
  • Thermal-optical, 
  • Thermal-Structural coupling, 
  • Thermal-Flow coupling, 
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction, 
  • Shape and Topology Optimization, 
  • Industry-specific simulations: Drop test, Snap-fit, Press fit, Mold flow and cooling, Metal Forming, Explosion, HVAC and Ventilation Simulation, Electronic System Cooling, Laminate Composite, Vehicle Safety and Crashworthiness.

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