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In today fast-paced and challenging manufacturing environment, you need a strong cam programming technical skill. Dream technology can take your cam to the next level. 

Post Processor 

You may have the most advanced machines; have you spare a thought that are they performing at their maximum efficiency and productivity? We have competent CAM consultant to help you to convert your CAM toolpath into an error-free G code and M code for your CNC machines from the simplest 3axis to an intricate 9-axis mill-turn. 

We support controller (Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc , Okuma , Hurco ,Hass & Etcs). We have a list of success story on customizing the post-processor to our customer unique process requirement. 

Some of our ready and proven Post Processor:  Talk to our Expert today! 

No:  Machine Model  Controller  Type
1 DMU50  Siemens controller  5 axis 
2 DMG NLX1500  Mitsubishi MillTurn
3 DMU65 Monoblock  Heidenhain 5 axis
4 Makino D200Z  Fanuc 5 axis
5 Takisawa TCY-200YS  Fanuc MillTurn
6 Goodway GS200  Fanuc MillTurn
7 Fanuc Robodrill α-D21  Fanuc 4+1 axis
8 Haas UMC-750  Haas 5 axis
9 Haas VF-3  Haas 4+1 axis
10 DMU75 Monoblock  Heidenhain 5 axis
11  Mazak Slant Turn 550  Mazatrol Smooth  MillTurn
12  Mazak Integrex E-1060  Mazatrol Matrix  5 axis
13 HwaCheon Hi-Tech  Fanuc MillTurn
14 Mazak Integrex 70  Mazatrol 640M  MillTurn
15 Mazak Integrex 35  Mazatrol 640M  MillTurn
16 Okuma Multus  Okuma OSP 100  MillTurn
17 Okuma Macturn  Okuma OSP 100  MillTurn
18 Okuma LU35  Okuma OSP 100  Turn
19 Okuma LU45  Okuma OSP 100  Turn
20 Mazak Nexus STN500  Mazatrol Matrix  Turn
21 Mazak QTN 350  Mazatrol Matrix  MillTurn
22 Okuma MA650  Okuma OSP 100  MillTurn
23 Okuma MA800  Okuma OSP 100  MillTurn
24 Haas ST10  Haas  MillTurn

In process workpiece inspection

In process workpiece, inspection and datum setting are achievable by integrating Renishaw/Blum measuring cycle into the post-processor. CAM programmer can easily plan out the datum setting cycle in the program before starting on the part process operation cam toolpath. In process workpiece inspection cycle will be able to be planed inside the CAM program according to the process need.  Find out more about the actual process!

  • Reduce Setting Time​
  • Higher Utilisation of Machines​
  • Reduce Scrap​
  • Address Skill Gap​
  • Shorten Manufacturing Lead Time​

Customized post-processor 

A customized post-processor would help you to increase your machine capabilities.

Example 1: For instance, a 2D program using Planar Mill operation can be output with C cutting move which may help to resolve machine over travel limit issue for Mill-Turn machine and Machine with a rotary table. 

Example 2: Macro looping condition can be added to the post-processor for the ease of machinist to manipulate the G code program while machining multiple repetitive features on the same part. 


Example 3: Part manufacturing information needed on a job can always be customized into the post-processor so that detail information needed for a machinist to start their job can be output at the header of the G-code program.  

Automated Shop floor Document  

Precise manufacturing information for your shop floor reference is extremely important to produce excellent quality of the part that meet your customer requirements. We can help create an automated document for the machine operator. Information such as Tool Name, Operation Name, Machining Cutting Parameter and Cycle Time can always be customized according to your shop floor manufacturing environment needs. 

NC programming  

Contact us for Quote programming services.  

Template Customization  

  • Create a template to minimise human error  
  • Handle complex job with ease 
  • Produce better quality parts, faster. 

Cam Training  

We provide cam training. from 3-axis till 5-axis milling, Turning or Mill-turn. In our training, we provide a real case study and fully utilize NX CAD for part preparation before CAM programming.

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