PLM Consultation & Services by DTS

DTS as a consulting firm has a strong partnership with leading industry players such as SIEMENS, ZWSOFT, ETA, and so on. These partnerships allow DTS to leverage on their technical expertise and continue providing solutions for different industries regardless of the organization's size and capabilities.

NX CAM Support & Services in Malaysia, Singapore

We have more than 15 years of experience in making post-processors for various kinematics of CNC machines and robots from UG to Siemens NX. This enables us to deliver an optimized and safe solution. We specialising in Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Mold & Die industry.

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Digital Factory Simulation Service in Malaysia & Singapore

As the industry 4.0 evolution becomes more and more prominent, industrial companies need to evolve with the trend and adopt new technology in order to stay competent and further improve their own productivity. One of the ways to improve productivity is by using production logistic simulation. The benefit of doing logistic simulation is to evaluate production settings for the best throughput potential, without disrupting the physical production line. This innovation helps to minimize risk, and speed up production planning.

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CAD / Template Customization / Knowledge-based Design Automation Services in Malaysia, Singapore

A key service of Dream Technology System (DTS) is providing service in CAD workflows, which includes reviving and digitalising old legacy engineering drawings and building new 3D geometry from physical prototype products.

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3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping Services in Malaysia, Singapore

Towards enabling the 4th industrial revolution, many industries nowadays are increasingly using 3D printing technology. Whether your objective is to have a quick look and feel prototype, assembly and test fit, rapid tooling, and fixture, actual testing, or low volume production, Dream Technology System will help to determine the most cost-effective and practical tool for you.

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Reverse Engineering / 3D Scanning / Inspection Services in Malaysia, Singapore

Need to perform an updated design from existing product, rebuilding Class A surfaces for automotive components, or creating implants or prosthetics from 3D anatomical scans?

Reverse engineering service is a longstanding practice in product development of transforming the physical product into 3D digital parametric CAD geometry. 

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CAD Data Translation and Repair Services in Malaysia, Singapore

Some challenges frequently faced by engineering firms are migrating of data to new platform and data communication with client’s requirements. It is common to have CAD errors during the translation process.  Dream Technology System has the expertise to optimize the quality of the geometry or to totally re-build the surfaces of the geometry, to ensure good quality and water-tight 3D geometry.

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CAE Meshing / Simulation Services in Malaysia, Singapore

Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) is the utilization of computational power to solve complicated engineering analysis problems. CAE is mainly used to evaluate the validity of an engineering system, however, in some situation, it can be used as an investigation tool to determine the root cause of engineering failure.

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Mechanical Design & Engineering Services in Malaysia, Singapore

The primary challenge in product development or improvement is the pressure of time cost. Hence best manufacturing practices and effective document control for successful completion of projects on time is necessary.

When there is a need for support of qualified and experienced Engineers to deliver robust and cost-effective design solutions meeting customer performance and reliability expectations, you can call upon DTS team who has served various industries like Automotive, Electric and Electronics appliances, Aerospace, medical devices and more.

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