M-Fischer Tech

Case study: M-Fischer Tech - ZW3D as your best main CAD helper 

M-Fischer Tech Sdn Bhd, subsidiary of Fischer Tech Ltd and base in Johor Bahru Malaysia, manufactures and markets precision engineering plastic injection molded components for the computer peripherals, consumer products, automotive, and electronics industries. 

Requirement & challenges:

  • Tooling Manager requires to do DFM report and quotation for new tooling. 
  • Available 3D CAD licenses were 100% utilized. Unable to justify to purchase a new one due to the cost and complexity of the software
  • In the past, he had to get his engineer to create the report which was inconvenience and delay
  • Due to this, he lost a few opportunities due to the delay in submission. 
  • Sourcing for an affordable CAD viewer that able to:
    • View multiCAD files, especially Parasolid, STP, and NX PRT files
    • Inquire information such as weight, overall product size, undercut, thickness and product measurement from the CAD files
    • Create section views
    • Easy to learn and use 
  • Few free viewers and paid viewers available are too simplified and have a lot of limitations. Some were expensive. 
  • The budget given to purchase such software will be less than RM15K, approx. USD3,500

DTS Solutions:

  • As their solution provider, we introduced the ZW3D LT version
  • Why ZW3D LT? 
    • Able to open multiCAD files, including Parasolid, STP and NX PRT files
    • Have all the functions that allow the manager to capture the info he required to do DFM and quotation 
    • Able to create section views 
    • Additional to the above, it can also:
      • Create 3D Model, assemblies and 2D documentation
      • Able to direct edit on the imported 3D CAD files without features history
      • Interference check & parts compare features
      • Able to convert to 3D PDF 
    • It’s very easy to learn and use. 

How this solution helps the company:

  • Achieved all their requirements. 
  • The manager who was using this pick up this software within a day
  • With ZW3D, he becomes very efficient and able to produce quotations fast
  • He also uses ZW3D to do a design review with his team. 
  • Convert and send 3D models in PDF format instead of 3D CAD files to send to his suppliers so that he can protect his product IP and some suppliers do not have any 3D CAD software 

Customer testimonial:

"As a Manager, I do not need sophisticated software. I have been looking for a simple CAD solution that is good enough for me to open my customers’ 3D files, participate in design review with my team and do some 3D part validation for costing purposes. To be able to do all these, it’s as good as buying a full 3D CAD software. Until I started to use ZW3D, to my surprise, it’s so easy to pick up and it can do more what I have expected! Best of all, the low investment cost!" 

Mok SC, Tooling Assistant Manager
M-Fischer Tech


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