Case Study: Guhring - ZW3D All in One CAD/CAM Solution

Guhring is a world-class manufacturer of round shank cutting tools for the metalworking industry. They design and manufacture the highest quality cutting tools solutions combined with excellent customer service.

Requirement & challenges:

  • To be competitive in this market, they require to demonstrate the faster cutting rates, longer tool life and better positional versus other manufacturers 
  • Hence, they are looking for CAM solution to estimate cutting time based on their cutting tool and cutting path virtually 
  • They do not require to use very sophisticated CAM software.

Choosing ZW3D: 

  • All in one CAD/CAM software 
  • It’s the most affordable CAD/CAM software in the market. 
  • They are able to read in multi-CAD files such as NX, CREO, Parasolid, CATIA, STEP, PARASOLID, and etc mainstream CAD files
  • Straight-forward CAM software that they can pick up on their own. 


  • Ever since they have chosen ZW3D as their solution, they are able to use the software to demonstrate to their customer how by using Guhring cutting tools can achieve higher cutting rates and maintain longer tool life and better positional.  
  • With their experience with other CAM software, they are able to pick up the software so quickly that they don’t even have to attend our training. 

Testimonial from Guhring:

"In Singapore, we are a small set-up with limited budget, one of the primary reason we decided to go with ZW3D is that it is a product that is cost-effective and easy to use. I was able to pick up how to use this software in a relatively short amount of time. Great support from the local team as well."


Yi Hui, Regional Team Leader


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