Case Study: 3D Scanning of Castings for Dimensional Inspection


Implementation of Auto checking of Product’s dimensions and tolerances against the CAD design so as to rectify the final product via 3D Scanning Technology

Background / Current Work Process

  • Manually set up the actual castings (size from 300mm to 4000mm, length, and width) and measure these castings.
  • Manual measurements via measuring tapes, Vernier caliper, take a long time, about 2~3 days and measurement accuracy achievable is >300microns.
  • Manual comparison of actual castings measurements VS CAD drawings to calculate the differences in tolerance and compile reports for next actions => 1-day job.
  • The total time for the whole process is approximately 3~4 days.

Proposed Solution

  1. Hardware: Shining 3D FreeScan X7+, Wireless 3D Laser Scanner
  2. Software: Geomagic Control X
  • X7+ is easy to set up, and measurements can be done simply by scanning the whole castings
  • Good measurement accuracy: <100microns
  • Significant time-saving in measurement: < 4hours
  • Auto comparison of measurements vs CAD drawings via software reduces human errors
  • Significant time-saving in comparison and report compilation can be within 30 mins

Benefits for Company

  1. Improvement in Productivity by > 75%
    • Time take to measure castings and compilation of comparison reports will be reduced from 4 days to 1 day 
  2. Improvement in Accuracy
    • Good measurement accuracy via X7+: <100microns
    • Reduce in human errors during manual measurements of products and compilation of reports
  3. Digital Transformation
    • Automate manual processes to reduce “heavy reliance” inexperienced workers, so as to achieve the 1st step to Industry 4.0

Benefits for Workers

  1. Upgrading of Skills
    • Workers get to learn new skills by using intelligent tools/equipment and software to simplify the current work process
  2. Easier and Safer Work Process
    • Easier for workers to perform the job and lesser workers are needed to complete the same amount of workload
    • Reduction in human errors during manual measurements of products and compilation of reports
    • Less fatigue – in the past, a 2~3 days job can be completed within 4 hours.

Additional Information

  1. The customer has 7 suppliers in China of which some are still using manual validation of products
  2. The customer has referred their suppliers to contact Shining 3D

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