ZW3D Lite Promotion


LOOKING for Efficient, Simplified & Cost-Effective 3D CAD SOFTWARE?  

During this pandemic, DTS continues to help & support local SMEs & SMIs businesses by providing affordable and low-cost 3D CAD software solutions with great features and functionalities.


Watch the video to experience how wonderful the ZD3D Lite 2022 can bring to us

5 TOP reasons to adopt ZW3D Lite 2022:

• Excellent translator.

• Easy to use 3D CAD software, whoever has 3D CAD knowledge can pick up the software fast.

• NO yearly subscription. Yearly software maintenance is optional. Very flexible licensing scheme.

• Low investment cost.

• Own a legal license for your business.


Special Promotion Exclusively from DTS with the following perks:

• Half Day training will be provided.

• 12 months technical support will be provided.

• 4 months instalment available.

• Offer valid while stocks last.



Contact us now for more information.

Singapore: + 65 9004 5105

Malaysia: + 60 17 743 1949

Email: [email protected]

Let’s fight this pandemic together and stay strong.