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ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the whole process of product development, features the fastest kernel for Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC machining strategies from 2-axis to 5-axis. It brings customers multiple benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency.


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ZW3D Customer Voice

Hear From Our Customer In Singapore / Malaysia

Testimonial from Alfatech:

"Firstly, we’re a small, local company with limited resources and budget, so our choice has to be cost-effective. Secondly, ZW3D doesn’t skimp on performance; it has all the tools we needed, from modification > design > machining! And finally, ZWSOFT is very supportive of what we planned to do."

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Testimonial from Guhring:

"As we are a small company with a limited budget, one of the primary reason we decided to go with ZW3D is that it is a product that is cost-effective and easy to use. I was able to pick up how to use this software in a relatively short amount of time. Great support from the local team as well."

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