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Third Generation 3D Printer 


Introduction of Zortrax Endureal

  • Zortrax Endureal is a third generation 3D printer enabling advanced model manufacturing with high-temperature PEIand PEEK-based polymers.

  • The machine incorporates many technological solutions which make it a unique tool aimed at high-tech industries and specialized fields.

  • Works in the LPD Plus technology

  • Has a 400 x 300 x 300mm build size

  • Has a Wi-Fi, USB, and Cloud connectivity

  • Temperature sensors constantly measure temperature of crucial components to prevent overheating.

  • Capacitive sensors measure build platform and nozzles' relative position to ensure calibration is on point.

  • Optical sensors working with no mechanical parts ensure precise extruder's positioning in all axes.

  • Fan stop sensors immediately detect when fans are disconnected or malfunctioning to ensure adequate cooling.

  • Extruder sensors detect a disconnection or failure in the extruder to ensure seamless operation.

  • Supports single- and dual-extrusion modes.

  • Heated aluminum build-platform


Industrial Safety System



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