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Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is a Discrete Event Simulation tool, used for simulation studies and experiments of material flow, operations, staffing and logistics in any type of production. Plant Simulation is successfully used and applicable in nearly all industries over the world.

Major Topics addressed by Plant Simulation are:

  • Material Flow and Throughput validation
  • Test of production control and layout alternatives
  • Optimization of material handling and logistics
  • Show production KPI: utilization, performance
  • Dimensioning of capacities: machines, buffer, AGV
  • Energy consumption and spike


Production Optimization – in a Digital Factory

Typical questions where simulation helps to find a good result…

  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • Can I produce more with less?
  • How can I evaluate new control strategies without disrupting production?
  • Is the "gut feeling" of my planners optimal?
  • How can I be more responsive to changing customer demands?
  • Can I handle more products and variants?
  • Do I really need that much space / inventory / equipment?
  • What is the optimal batch size?
  • What are the process interdepencies?


What's make a Digital Factory?



                     - Evaluate & Optimize with the Digital Twin
                     - Get KPI values and throughput numbers
                     - Show statistics and many more parameter….

  • Shop floor layout, machines, conveyors, buffers,…
  • Processing times, availability => real world processes
  • Material: storage, commissioning, transportation, logistics
  • Shift systems / staffing
  • Production orders / sequences, schedules
  • Plant control
  • Energy consumption and control




Positioning of Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

  • Plant Simulation is a discrete event simulation tool for Simulation, Analysis, Visualization and Optimization of Production and Logistics​

  • Plant Simulation is the recognized market leader in Germany and in the Automotive industry​

  • Largest Discrete Event Simulation (DES) User Conference Worldwide

Plant Simulation Evaluation and Analysis:​
Sankey, Gantt, BNA, Online Charts, Plotter, Statistic Wizard

3D, visualization,​
point clouds and laser scans, camera flights, shadow and edge



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