Simplifying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Manage and share product designs, documents, BOMs and data

The Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) solution provides the right information for people to make the right product decisions — from planning and development through manufacturing and support.

With the changing market demand, increasing competitive pressure and limited resources require continuous improvement of your production processes. Teamcenter streamlined the process and reduce cost to reduce human error.

Teamcenter helps companies deliver increasingly complex products while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations. Teamcenter helps its customers:

  • Increase revenue by delivering innovative, right-to-market products
  • Get to market faster by reducing design and change cycle time
  • Reduce costs by finding product data faster and increasing reuse
  • Improve quality through systems-driven product development



The Teamcenter platform is a solid foundation for every Teamcenter application, with powerful core capabilities


Start with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

• Manage mechanical, electronics, software and simulation data in a single environment 
• Manage product documents and technical publications 
• Manage the BOM and its configuration 
• Manage PLM processes 
• Take control of your data and processes 

Connect engineering, requirements, manufacturing, service and suppliers.

• Manage mechanical, electronics, software and simulation data in a single environment 
• Incorporate the voice of the customer into your products 
• Improve service operations 
• Connect engineering with manufacturing 
• Collaborate with suppliers around the world 

Transform your business into digitalization

  • Improve product quality
  • Align cost management with product development
  • Create sustainable products and comply with regulations
  • Ensure product performance with systems engineering

Handle More Options with Less Effort

  • Single, consistent definition of variability across all domains.
  • Visual and easy to use system makes sure every stakeholder has what they need to get their work done.
  • Scalable architecture supports your business processes.
  • Flexible support across the spectrum of configured products – from standard products, to configure to order, engineer to order, and everything in between.


Drive product cost, quality, sustainability and systems engineering.

Build on a powerful PLM platform

  • Streamlined and intuitive PLM user experience
  • Proven platform capabilities you can reply on
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Deploy PDM quickly with a growth path to PLM
  • Take Teamcenter to the Cloud

Teamcenter can be deployed in a single location or on a global scale with suppliers and partners

Teamcenter delivers solutions across industries

Aerospace and defense

Teamcenter enables aerospace and defense manufacturers to dramatically improve technical performance, costs and schedules.

Automotive and transportation

Using Teamcenter, automakers and their suppliers can manage vehicle and product complexity with a PLM process that combines systems engineering with an integrated product definition.

Consumer products and retail

Teamcenter helps you capture and control product requirements and information in a centralized, trusted record.

Energy and utilities

Teamcenter helps establish a long term information management platform that can be used to optimize new plant initiatives and upgrades; design equip­ment and manage supply chains; ensure compliance with regulatory, contracting and licensing requirements; commission and maintain assets in operation; and provide support for decommissioning at end of life.

Oil, gas and refineries

Teamcenter helps you manage asset lifecycle information with solutions for project execution including the management of design models and test documents; engineering and project change histories with digital signatures and keep a lifetime’s worth of specifications, requirements, equip­ment maintenance and procurement records.

Electronics and semiconductor

Teamcenter helps electronics companies optimize innovation throughout the product lifecycle; maximize the re-use of proven intellectual property for device and product designs; and build a secure and scalable collaboration platform.

Medical devices and pharmaceuticals

Teamcenter helps Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers control your product lifecycle pro­cesses, with better visibility for program execution, assessing requirements, and managing risk so you can increase the utilization of resources, enable more collaboration, and reduce the time and cost for regulatory submissions and production ramp up.

Industrial machinery

Teamcenter enables greater certainty in the development of new machinery, improving productivity and shortening commissioning times.


Teamcenter helps shipbuilders speed up new program launches with embedded PLM templates that accelerate ship delivery, boost team productivity and facilitate the use of best practices to eliminate program delays.

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