Set-up faster and more efficient test campaigns, to engineer innovative and winning products.

Simcenter Testing Solutions

  • For physical testing and benchmarking
  • Provide crucial input for design parameters as well as information on boundary conditions for simulation models and reference data to calibrate simulation models
  • 2 main product families:
    • Simcenter SCADAS hardware for data acquisition
    • Simcenter Test.Lab software for data analysis

Simcenter SCADAS

Multiphysics data acquisition hardware

Sheer measurement productivity

  • Condition wide range of analog and digital sensors
  • One single system covering multiphysics testing
  • Measure hundreds of channels at once

Flexibility fitting industry needs

  • Handheld, mobile, autonomous, and laboratory
  • Universal modules optimize investment
  • Mix-and-match mobile and laboratory configurations

Superior precision and data quality

  • State-of-the-art signal-to-noise and dynamic range
  • Ultra-low noise floor & highly precise phase match
  • Precise time synchronized data in any configuration

Simcenter Testlab

Data collection, analytics, and modeling software suite

Speed up data collection

  • Accelerate test preparation
  • From standardized tests to advanced engineering
  • Validate test results on the fly

From measurements to insights

  • Interactive & automated multidisciplinary analytics
  • Efficient comparison and root cause identification
  • Easy reporting and sharing of insights

Close-the-loop with simulation

  • Provide simulation with real-life loads & models
  • Correlate simulation and test results on the spot
  • Embed simulation models in the test setup

Multidisciplinary test-based performance engineering

Applications tailored to Aerospace & Defense

Ground vibration testing
Dynamic environmental testing
Closed-loop acoustic control
Sound source localization
Experimental modal analysis
Jet engine testing
In-flight testing
... many more

Applications tailored to Automotive & Transportation

Road load data acquisition
Experimental modal analysis
Pass-by noise engineering
Accelerated life testing
(H)EV powertrain testing
Transfer path analysis
Sound quality engineering
... many more

Simcenter SCADAS Video Demonstration


Simcenter Sound Camera

The Digital Microphone Array for Sound Source Localization

Simcenter Sound Camera Digital Array

Modular array with 3 different sizes

  Center Short Arms Long Arms
Typical Usage Trouble-shooting, handheld All-round array Advanced, outdoor
Typical distance nearfield <0.5m nearfield & far field <1m nearfield & far field (~0.3 to >2m)
Typical SSL range 1000*-20kHz 400*-20kHz 200*-10kHz
Diameter & mics 30cm with 45 mics 60cm with 81 mics 150cm with 117 mics
Dynamic range** 14 dB 16 dB 12 dB
* With beamforming/nearfield focusing. Can be improved with iNAH
** Simulated results. Experimental results typically 1-2dB lower.

Simcenter Sound Camera on Simcenter Testlab

Measure more data channels

Direct connection

  • Simcenter Sound Camera connects directly to Simcenter Testlab
  • Use 4 additional AC/ICP sensors on Simcenter Sound Camera
  • Correlate source locations with other analysis results

Multi-front-end mode

  • For more channels, parallel acquisition with Simcenter SCADAS Mobile/ Recorder
  • Combine with advanced tacho, digital sensors
  • Synchronization from digital irig-b output on SCADAS Mobile

Simcenter Sound Camera Video Demonstration


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