NX for Digital Product Development

How do I create designs that can drive downstream processes?

Integrating the PLM and Manufacturing Operations Management environments, bring your ideas to reality and to avoid costly reworking cycles and maximizing manufacturing efficiencies.

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Concept Design

       NX Layout

  • A 2D concept design solution for NX, includes dedicated tools to support 2D design, such as Synchronous 2D.

       NX Realize Shape

  • Uses subdivision modeling to quickly and easily generate high quality smooth-flowing shapes.

       NX Industrial Design

  • Use for shape refinement, analysis, and editing. 

      NX Visual Rendering

  • For greater visual clarity, it gives you total control over lighting, fabrics, textures, scenes and shading.
NX Layout


NX Realize Shape
Industrial Design – Freeform
Visualization and Rendering

Convergent ModelingTM technology

Convergent Modeling Technology

  • Allow you to use scan and facet data without having to convert it. Convergent modeling is a vital component of advanced additive manufacturing.
  •  Wireframe, surface, solid, parametric, and direct modeling are all available in NX, reducing design time and effort.
  • Assembly navigation and management can become more effective, as well as assembly validation and problem resolution turn to be faster.
  • NX Drafting is a production-proven approach that is used on a regular basis by thousands of businesses around the world.


Solids and Feature Modeling
Assembly Modeling

Product Design

  • Standard aerospace features (such as Step, Rib, Flange, Shelf, and Blend Pocket) are designed specifically for machined parts and skins in NX.
  • Complex shapes can be shaped and flattened with NX Sheet Metal Design.
  • For a quicker design-to-manufacturing turnaround, 2D logical and 3D mechanical routing can be utilized.
  • A full 3D assembly model of cabling and harnesses is generated by electrical routing.
Airframe Features


Mechanical Surfacing
Sheet Metal Design
Mechanical Routing
Electrical Routing

Synchronous Technology

  • With legacy geometry, Synchronous Technology (ST) helps you to make quick improvements and shorten development cycles.
  • ST is also a game-changer for engineering analysts and production users who work directly on design geometry to achieve drastic process changes. As a result, product development time is reduced and product quality is increased.


Synchronous Technology is reported to enable NX to edit our competitors CAD data faster than they can

Process Automation and Validation

  • Product Template Studio (PTS) is a tool that enables companies to create concept templates that can be used as the foundation for a product platform.
  • Companies may use integrated simulation to verify product output even on prototype designs, giving them confidence at the early stage of the bid process.

  • Time to market and cost of goods sold directly impact achieved market share, margin and hence long term competitive position.
  • Leveraging existing data and knowledge about a design will dramatically accelerate a company’s ability to adapt and update a design to meet and
Automotive Wizards

Product Template Studio (PTS)
Visual Reporting
NX Open


Synchronous Technology


Convergent Modeling Technology


Realize Shape


Ray Traced Studio

Product Template Studio

Topology Optimization

NX Topology Optimization for Designers

  • Out of the box design
  • Optimize design space with given manufacturing constraint
  • Highly smoothed, organic shapes with sharp edges where required

NX FloEFD - Frontloading CFD for designer


Synchronous Technology
Convergent Technology

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