High-Precision 3D Inspection Scanner

OptimScan-5M Metrology 3D Scanner

SHINING 3D OptimScan-5M 3D scanner is the latest blue light 3D scanner in the market.  Featuring high-end outlook, structure, component and configuration. Its 5.0 megapixel cameras and blue light scanning technologies provide users with incredible scanning speed and precision, making it ideal for high-end applications such as defense, aerospace, and the mold industry, among others.

Product Features



Blue Light Scanning Technology

The OptimScan-5M Metrology 3D Scanner with Blue Light Technology allows you to scan a wider range of objects, including those with dark colors or metallic materials.

Higher Performance

  • Adjustable Scan Ranges
  • 5.0 mega pixels cameras bring you higher resolution, better quality
  • Overall accuracy could be contained within 0.08mm/m

Fasting Scan speed

  • Fasting Scan Speed
  • Single scan time is under 1.5 seconds
  • Data registration is free to switch between automatic alignment and manual alignment

OptimScan-5M Metrology

Suitable for applications of military industry, aerospace industry, molding industry, etc.

Non-contact 3D scanning can be used to measure and inspect complex components like turbine blades in a fraction of the time needed with traditional CMM system. Not only can full dimension inspection and calculation be done quicker, but it can also be done more accurately.

OptimScan-5M Metrology 3D Scanner

Reliable and Portable

  • Projection light is safe for eyes
  • Small and portable, possible for large size parts scanning
  • User friendly cross-bar makes it easier to be carrier


3D Probe

3D Probe

  • Compatible with OptismScan-3M/5M
  • Easily measuring the positions that non-contacted scanning is inaccessible, such as very deep holes
  • Optical CMM measurement technology
  • Wireless bluetooth transmission
  • Light and portable design

OptimScan-5M Metrology 3D Scanner Specifications


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