Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light Source - Handheld 3D Scanner 

EinScan HX

Introduction of EinScan HX

  • A handheld 3D scanner which integrates with blue LED light and blue laser.

  • With LED light sources and a hybrid laser, it is compatible with a larger range of item sizes and can fulfil a variety of user needs.

  • Applications that are versatile, efficient, and produce reliable results.

EinScan HX

Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light

  • The scanning materials adaptability is improved with less limitation for a larger range of applications due to the innovative integration of dual blue LED light and blue laser. Rapid 3D scanning is achievable using LED light scanning. Reflective and dark-colored surfaces function better with laser scanning, which is less susceptible to ambient light.

EinScan HX

Reliable Results

  • Most industrial reverse engineering and measuring applications benefit from the high resolution and precision.

  • Minimum point distance 0.05 mm
    Accuracy up to 0.04 mm under Laser Scan

EinScan HX

High Efficiency

  • The EinScan HX has a processing speed of up to 1,200,000 points per second in Rapid Scan Mode.

  • Numerous blue laser lines in Laser Scan Mode allow scanning of most objects in minutes for reverse engineering, CAD/CAM, 3D printing, and etc.

EinScan HX

Portable & Easy Operation

  • EinScan HX is a plug-and-play 3D scanner with user-friendly software that is simple to operate, whether you are a novice or have professional 3D scanning experience. The ergonomic design of EinScan HX has taken into account the portability and flexibility of its use for a more efficient and comfortable scanning experience.

EinScan HX

Full Color

  • It offers full colour texture capturing and texture tracking comes with a built colour camera.

EinScan HX

EinScan HX Reverse Engineering Design Bundle

  • A 3D scanner with reverse engineering and CAD capabilities that uses a hybrid light source.




EinScan HX


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