Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source
Handheld Color 3D Scanner



EinScan HX

Introduction of EinScan H

  • EinScan H makes human face scanning more comfortable by combining LED and invisible infrared light in a hybrid structure light technology.

  • Built-in color camera and large field of view.

  • Provides high quality 3D data with full color ready-to-use in minutes.

EinScan HX

Infrared & Structured Light Hybrid Light Source

  • Hybrid structure light source technology, which combines LED structured light and invisible infrared light in one device and adds superior smart presetting in several scan modes, enables 3D scanning in a wide range of applications and helps popularise portable 3D scanning technology.

EinScan H

The Era of Scanning with Hair Acquisition

  • The invisible infrared light source solves the challenge of obtaining dark-colored things and makes human hair acquisition simple.

EinScan H

Invisible Light 3D Scanning Experience

  • The new face scanning mode uses infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye, allowing for a safe and comfortable scanning experience

EinScan H

Invisible Light 3D Scanning Experience

  • Impressive high resolution reaches 0.25 mm, EinScan H captures full geometry of objects such as artwork or furniture with fine details . The high accuracy of scanned data up to 0.05 mm and volumetric accuracy 0.1mm/m improves the precision of 3D modeling in a dense points cloud or polygon meshes.

EinScan H

Fast Scanning

  • Scan speed up to 1,200,000 points/s. 

  • Large scan FOV of 420*440 mm ensure fast 3D scanning of large size objects. 

  • The optimised alignment algorithm ensures accurate alignment even when the scanned item or person moves slightly.

EinScan H

Full Color Reproduction

  • The built-in colour camera allows for full colour texture capture and texture tracking.



EinScan H

Portable & Easy Operation

  • The software is simple and easy to use. Professionals and beginners alike will find it simple to use. It's simple to own and operate.

    Weight : 703g




Einscan H


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