ACAM is a very simple yet powerful 2D customized software that developed for local used based on 2D – 2.5D machining process.

Powerful auto dimensioning software, ordinate dimensioning and hole listings functions

Less than 30 seconds to get the dimensions out

Demo Video for ACAMAdim

Hole List

Ordinate Dimension


  • 2.5D function for radii & taper profile
  • High efficiency humanize hole processing
  • Text engraving on curve or slanted surfaces
  • Chamfering cutting – auto calculate depth & offset
  • High efficiency process oriented programming


2 - 4 Axis Wire EDM technology plus B Axis

  • Extensive knowledge-based machining technology with stored information likes wire diameter, material, cutting condition and offset
  • Productivity enhancement features
  • Machining fault & reducing features – Auto G41 & G42 selection
  • Quality enhancement features – Auto corner filler
  • Unique cutting feature for die profile – Forward & reverse cut
  • Special machining features for punch profile

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