NX Mold Design Training | Classroom | Singapore & Malaysia


Expert NX tool designers will acquire the skills to significantly reduce mold design lead time through Mold Wizard automation. The curriculum mimics common tasks used in mold construction and is reinforced using hands-on activities. Additionally, students are introduced to customization techniques needed to fully realize the potential of the Mold Wizard libraries.

Who Should Attend
     1. Mold designers
     2. Toolmakers
     3. or anyone who designs plastic injection molds using NX solid model

  • Prerequisites
  • Essentials for NX Designers course
  • Plastic mold design knowledge.


  • Focus experienced NX users on compelling solutions that dramatically reduce lead-time in mold design process via Mold Wizard automation, increasing their productivity.
  • Learn to produce several associative two-part molds from suitably prepared solid models.
  • Flows through familiar tasks used in mold construction.


  • Introduction to MoldWizard
  • Mold Wizard Design Process
  • Creating Surface Patch Up / Core & Cavity Creation
  • Parting Lines & Parting Surface Creation
  • Shut Off Area Creation
  • Creating an User Defined Work Piece
  • Multi Cavity Layout
  • Creating cavity/core directly on the mold plate
  • Creating multi cavity/core on a single insert
  • User Defined Mold Base & Standard Part Components
  • Ejector Pin, Trim Ejector Pin & Create Pocket
  • Slider, Lifter & Create Pocket
  • Sub Insert
  • Gate & Runner
  • Cooling
  • Components & Assembly Drawing, Hole Table & BOM


  • 4th April 2022, 09:00 am - 8th April 2022, 05:00 pm