NX CAM Multi-Axis Machining


The Multi-axis Milling course is designed for NC/CNC programmers who machine simple or complex parts with fixed and variable tool capabilities. Students will learn how to create fixed and variable axis tool paths. You will also be introduced to NX workflows for machining contoured parts, high-speed machining methods, milling holes and threads, milling turbine blade type parts, and on machine probing.

Training Duration
2 days

- Essentials for NX Designers course
- NX Mill Manufacturing

- Learn the use of the manufacturing process for 5-axis milling and drilling applications within the context of an NC/CNC programming session
- Learn the use of manufacturing process methods for improved machining efficiency
- Allows students to transfer classroom instruction to productivity on the job

- Introduction
- Planar Mill, Cavity Mill, Fixed Contour & Drilling in 5 Axis
- Variable Contour – Point And Line Tool Axis Type
- Variable Contour – Normal To Drive And Relative To Drive Tool Axis Type
- Variable Contour – Swarf Drive Tool Axis Type
- Variable Contour – Interpolated Tool Axis Type
- Variable Contour – Contour Profile Drive Method
- Variable Contour – Curve point Drive Method
- Variable Contour – Streamline
- Turbomachinery
- Z-level 5-Axis

(Will apply to customer who need this application)

Who Should Attend
Manufacturing engineers, CAD/CAM managers, Multi-axis NC/CNC programmers, Users of 3, 4 and 5-axis machines for milling complex prismatic and contour type parts are encouraged to attend

Please do look out for other training courses or you may drop us an email [email protected] or contact us [Singapore office] +65-66357748 or [Malaysia office] +603-78802166

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  • 21st March 2024, 09:30 am - 22nd March 2024, 05:30 pm
  • 30th May 2024, 09:30 am - 31st May 2024, 05:30 pm