NX CAM 3-Axis Machining


The NX Fixed Axis Machining training provides the ability to gain a detailed insight if the powerful 3-axis milling modules in NX. The modules enable the programmers to create milling programs in a structured way of prismatic and free form models. The module for processing residual material makes it possible to work the milling areas with a large milling cutter, after which the residual material will automatically be removed with a smaller tool. The training also elaborates on the High speed milling options within the milling modules. Previously this training was known as Advanced Manufacturing.

Training Duration
3 days

- Essentials for NX Designers course

- Learn the use of the manufacturing process for 2- 1/2- 3-axis milling and drilling applications within the context of an NC/CNC programming session
- Learn the use of manufacturing process methods for improved machining efficiency
- Allows students to transfer classroom instruction to productivity on the job

- Introduction
- Planar Milling – Single Level
- Planar Milling – Multi Level
- Planar Milling – Face Milling
- Planar Milling - Face Milling Area
- Cavity Milling – Level Control
- Cavity Milling – Sequence Control
- Cavity Milling – Simulation
- Cavity Milling – Cut Area
- Cavity Milling – Z level Profile / Z-level Mill
- Cavity Milling – Corner Rough
- Cavity Milling –Plunge Milling
- Fixed Contour – Area Milling
- Fixed Contour – Boundary Drive Method
- Fixed Contour – Spiral & Radial Cut Drive Method
- Fixed Contour – Surface Area Drive Method
- Fixed Contour – Text & Curve/Point Drive Method
- Fixed Contour – Flow Cut Drive Method
- Fixed Contour– Streamline Method
- Grove milling
- Hole Machining
- Machine coordinate
- Nc Assistant
- Optimize Federate
- Cam Setup
- Transform
- Cam Template
- Post Processing
- Shop Documentation
- Batch Processing
- Tool Library
- Cam Wizard
- High Speed machining
- Non-cutting move

Who Should Attend
NC/CNC programmers, CAD/CAM managers, Manufacturing engineers

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  • 18th March 2024, 09:30 am - 20th March 2024, 05:30 pm
  • 27th May 2024, 09:30 am - 29th May 2024, 05:30 pm