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Newest blue light 3D scanner in the market

OptimScan 3D scanner features a high-end outlook, structure, component and configuration. Its 5.0 mega pixel cameras and blue light scanning technology bring users amazing scanning speed and accuracy. Making this 3D scanner suited for high-end applications like defense, aerospace, mould industry and more.

Reliable and Portable

  • Blue Light Scanning Technology, technology that enables you to scan more kinds of objects with dark color feature or metallic materials.
  • Higher resolution with accuracy up to 0.007mm
  • Adjustable Scan Ranges, from 400mm x 300mm to 100mm x 75mm

OptimScan 3M / 5M Specifications

Model OptimScan-3M  OptimScan-5M 
Single Shot Accuracy 0.007-0.025 mm 0.005-0.015 mm
Volume Accuracy 0.1 mm/m 0.08 mm/m
Single Scan Speed < 2.0 s < 1.5 s
Point Distance 0.048-0.192 mm 0.04-0.16 mm
Single Scan Range 100x 75 mm /200×150 mm / 400×300 mm
Scan Depth 100-400 mm
Camera Resolution 3.0 MPx2 5.0 MPx2
Light Source Blue light ( LED )
Scan Type Non-contact structure light scanning
Alignment Markers auto-alignment /manual alignment
Output Data Format ASC, STL, PLY, RGE, P3, PF
PC Configuration Requirement CPU: Intel core i7 3770 or better
Display card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 670 or better Memory : 8G DDR3 1600 or be忧er
OS System Support win10 64bit
Operation Temperature 0 – 45 °C

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