EP A350 3D Printer

Introduction of EP-A350 Resin 3D Printer

  • A user-friendly and high stability 3D printer that provide perfect printing result.

  • It is a self-developed software that support continuous upgrade
  • The module of automatic detection and calibration to maintain function stability
  • Marble moving substrate which is dense and precise.
  • Less maintenance required due to the optimized structure.


High Efficiency 

  • Patented VarioBeam technology
  • Scan in high-speed
  • Outstanding printing performance in one-click printing function

EP A350 3D Printer

High Accuracy

  • 3D optical high-precision calibration technology which developed in-house
  • Reduce human mistake


User-friendly & intelligent

  • Versatile application
  • Different processing parameter packages are available
  • Remote control is available

EP A350 3D Printer


  • Machine controlling software - EP-Resin

EP A350 3D Printer

Somos ® GP Plus 14122

  • A white opaque material similar to ABS and PBT that is suited for vehicle, aircraft, and consumer items, as well as biomedical, dental, and skin applications.


Somos ® WaterShed XC 11122

  • Transparent, colourless material, similar to ABS and PBT, with great clarity and strong water resistance, making it an excellent choice for automotive, medical, and consumer products, such as lenses, packing, fluid flow studies, concept models, and so on.

EP A350 3D Printer

Somos ® Perform

  • White material, with high heat tolerance, outstanding detail resolution and stiffness, ideal material for a variety of applications including tooling, wind tunnel testing, high temperature testing, electrical casings and automotive housings.



  • White substance with a nice surface effect and ductility, ideal for hand models, functional parts, and models, among other things.


Open Platform

  • Compatible with standard 355 nm photosensitive resin.




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