• DFMPro is a powerful design validation solution
  • Identifying design areas that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture
  • Provides out-of-the-box checks for machining, sheet metal, injection molding, assembly and casting manufacturing processes

Embedded in NX HD3D user interface

  • Uses NX Checkmate framework
  • Executes design for manufacturing (DFM) checks on CAD with 1 button click
  • Over 130 out of the box checks for sheet metal, machining, injection molding, casting, tubing etc

Samples of DFMPro checks

Injection Molding

  • Recommended rib parameters
  • Sudden wall thickness variation
  • Thin or undercut region detection
  • Minimum draft angles & radius checks
  • Various boss parameter checks

Sheet Metal

  • Slot parameters
  • Hole parameters
  • Cut-out distances to edges and bends
  • Knife edges
  • Bend parameters

Machining (milling & drilling)

  • Tool accessibility
  • Deep holes, standard size holes
  • Top & bottom edge fillets
  • Deep narrow regions
  • Sharp internal corners

Assembly Manufacturing

  • Interference and clearance issues
  • Fastener clearance and accessibility
  • Thread engagement


  • Missing or inadequate draft angles

Capture and apply best practice knowledge

  • Create custom checks to support any company specific design for manufacturing need
  • Create custom documentation to go along with custom checks
  • Ensure consistent validation and prevent loss on critical intellectual property

Capture and report validation results

  • One button report generation of check results creates a tabulated report in excel
  • Results can be saved into Teamcenter Validation manager where they can be managed and participate in product release workflows
  • Support business workflow and improve traceability

DFX (Design For eXcellence)

  • Standalone version of DFMPro
  • Similar functionality
  • Runs analysis on any CAD file formats such as CATIA®, Creo Parametric™, Inventor®, NX™, Soild Edge®, SOLIDWORKS® as well as neutral formats like STEP/IGES

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